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Buying a Hotel in Paradise

While most  luxury property buyers in the Caribbean, Latin and Central America are looking for their dream home in paradise, others seek an investment opportunity while living out their dream.

Owning a boutique hotel can not only be a fun and rewarding way to spend your time in paradise but can be a solid investment with handsome returns. Luxury boutique hotels in popular travel destinations like Costa Rica, Mexico, or a Caribbean Island offers a unique way to own property and a business among the white sand beaches and swaying palms.

In countries like Costa Rica or Mexico, existing boutique hotels are available for much less than you think.  Along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica or near some of the beach destinations in Mexico, you can purchase an established, profitable hotel for less than $5M; there are even some opportunities to own under $1M!

There are many reasons to buy an existing hotel but reasons at the top of the list include: no hassles of construction of a new hotel which can be quite daunting process in many countries. You get to take advantage of the fact most or all of the set up is done for you, from trained employees to reservation systems, website and social media are already dialed in to policies and procedures. And you hopefully get to take advantage of the rankings on travel sites and of course existing client databases…vs. starting from scratch. Most hotels take years to build up good repeat customer list and reputation.

On Luxury Living International you’ll discover a growing number of boutique hotels for sale in Central and Latin America, and the Caribbean. Go ahead, its okay to make a profit in paradise! And chances are you’ll have some fun  make some new lifelong friends too.

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