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Panama Luxury Real Estate

Located in the stretch of land that bridges Central and South America, Panama is a country that has become one of the world’s greatest crossroads with a bright future. Exceptionally easy to get to, only two hours from Miami by air and less than five from New York, this tropical destination is becoming a business and financial powerhouse, even beyond the reach of its famous Canal. Living and owning a luxury property in Panama affords you a lifestyle in a breathtaking, exotic yet modern destination that is quickly making its name as one of the best locations to own real estate or retire abroad.

The country of Panama has so much to explore, from bustling Panama City to the white sand beaches of the exotic Pearl Islands to its pristine countryside that boasts great weather year round. And Panama’s real estate is getting more modern and luxurious with an increasingly well-balance product offering.

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The American Dollar is the currency here, making living in Panama easier to adjust to, and the cosmopolitan capital of Panama City, featuring bold skyscrapers, haute cuisine and a trending night life – make this growing metropolis as modern and distinctive as any city in the world.

Panama City is a vibrant city with a unique combination of the historic and the ultra-modern. And it is also one of the safest cities in the Americas. Though it has historical ties to the U.S. you will find a unique blend of international flavor led by Spanish, West Indian, Chinese, South American and European. All of this diversity is playing a role in the creation of the most sophisticated, open-minded and outward-looking society in Central America.

Don’t overlook this gem in Central America and its growing trend towards being a world-class destination in international luxury real estate and living abroad.