Luxury Real Estate in The Bahamas

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Luxury Real Estate in The Bahamas

With 700 exotic islands dotting some of the most beautiful waters in the world, the Bahamas is a water lover’s paradise. Home to the world’s third largest barrier reef, this exotic island country is blessed with mild year-round temperatures and a wealth of natural and man-made amenities, as well as some of the finest and most highly coveted luxury properties in the world.

Less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida with seemingly perfect weather, clear turquoise blue waters and amazing white sandy beaches, it’s no wonder that the private islands and luxury homes in the Bahamas have become a hot destination for the rich and famous. With residents such as Johnny Depp, Sean Connery, David Copperfield, Nicolas Cage and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, there are almost as many celebrities as there are stars in the extraordinary Bahamian night sky.

The Most Exclusive Properties

With the Bahamas’ stable government and progressive income tax policies it’s a great place to conduct business. With Grand Bahama hosting the largest shipping container company in the world, Freeport has become known as ‘the Hong Kong of the Caribbean’.

And Nassau has its own business partner as it plays host to Paradise Island and The Atlantis – one of the most famous resort destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Here tourist from around the world share the docks, restaurants and casino with a big collection of yachts from around the world. Yachting, needless to say, is the unofficial sport of the crystal waters in the Bahamas.

For all the reasons mentioned above Bahamian real estate is booming, as thousands of Americans, Europeans, and now Asians are discovering that the Bahamas is one of the finest destinations to buy their second, third home or fourth home. And the options are many: from beachfront condos, to luxury homes, estates and private islands. With real estate prices rising and unique luxury properties and resort developments back in the mix, the Bahamas is one of the world’s leading vacation home destinations.